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About Us

Tamara Ranch established in 1966 is family owned and operated. Tom and Margaret have built the success of their ranch around working with the natural systems and timelines of nature. Tamara Ranch beef is 100% grass-fed and finished on high-quality regenerative pasture. They practice without the use of hormones, antibiotics, or supplemental feed alternatives. The quality of life of their animals is of high priority, livestock is respected, stress is mitigated and end-of-life practice comes in the most natural way.

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How Do I Order?

1. Decide what product and amount you would like to purchase (whole, half, or shared half).

2. Contact us to put a reserve on your beef ( deposit of $450.00 via Etransfer) this will put a reserve on your beef until harvest in the late fall.

3. we will request your custom cut and wrapping instructions. your beef will then be transferred to the butcher shop and hung to age for 21 days.

4. Before picking up your beef, you will be responsible for payment to the butcher directly, for the cutting and wrapping.

Tamara Ranch will bill you separately for the hanging weight of your beef, minus the initial deposit paid previously.

6. After payment has been received by both Meat Chop and Tamara Ranch, you will have the option of either picking up your beef at Meat Chop or having it delivered directly to you at an extra cost.

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Cattle are on a rotational grazing system and are moved once a day by horse to ensure efficient usage of the land

regenerative farming

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Would you like to Meet your Meat?

Ask us about visiting the Ranch to view the cattle and engage in the farm-to-plate process!

From Our Clients

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I love you beef, I’m proud to tell everyone how your beef is raised and I know I’m doing good for my family, my community and my planet when I get Tamara beef.

Donovan Barsalou

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My husband and I recently discovered Tamara Ranch Beef. We are very

pleased with the quality of this meat, as it is very flavourful and tender.

We love knowing that it is free of chemicals and most importantly that

the animals are treated humanely. The wide range of cuts to choose

from has provided us with a variety of meal options. With the cost of

beef in the grocery stores this is an affordable alternative.

Karen Filthaut and Bob Byron

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The steak is perfect! We’ll get it again when we visit there. Everyone loves it. And also the beef bones are very tasty compared to what were buying at the local grocery.


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we build biodiversity into our pastures with livestock and by natural means, rather than cultivation

About Our Pastures

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About Our Livestock

Here at Tamara Ranch, we raise Lowline Angus cattle which are finished on green grass, without the use of antibiotics or any chemical inputs.

Our livestock graze on high-quality pastures using natural handling practices.

We maintain a closed herd and all of our animals are born, raised, and harvested, at maturity from the ranch.


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our mission

Our mission is to set an example of the future of regenerative farming. we are to do our part in building a thriving ecosystem that produces healthy rangeland, livestock, and product for the people. We will continue to do this with love in our hearts and the intention to educate and advocate.